Hey! I’m Orion

I’m a creative professional with over 15 years of experience in marketing design and production.

I’m a designer based in Vermont, living with my wife and 3 radical children.“Graphic Design is my passion” doesn’t even start to describe it.

My earliest inspirations came from my family. My dad drew stunning anatomical pencil drawings, my uncle made oil paintings and intricate pen renderings of Victorian era folk and my godfather was one of the founding animators at Disney. Inspiration was plentiful.

But my interest in computer-aided graphic design started some time in the mid 1990’s behind the CRT glow of a computer running Windows 3.0. MS Paint. So much time spent in MS Paint. Also MS/DOS games. We also had a very screechy dot matrix printer. The kind that prints on paper that comes as one huge zig-zagging stack with perforated edges you had to remove.

It wasn’t long before I was printing calendars, “coloring books” and all manner of artwork involving some combination of text and images. At one point I had a notebook with my renditions of all the most present

logos in my life at the time: McDonalds, Comercial Mexicana, TelMex, Sabritas. Something about encapsulating something big and complex into a simple symbol was really fascinating to me. The way particular

arrangements of shapes can have meaning and permanence.

There’s a whole lot more to it than that, but “meaning” is the core of my approach to design. At every level  –from napkin sketch to release– I give my work the care it needs to ensure meaning is effectively communicated from one party to another in this rapidly shifting landscape. I derive a tremendous sense of meaning from succeeding at this. It connects me with my childhood inspirations and fills me with a profound sense of purpose. Some would call it my

“calling”. Whatever it’s called, I’m grateful every day I get to do it.

But that’s enough about me, I want to learn about you. Drop me a line.